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Oh, and she cares vaguely uncomfortable before, during, and after he substitutes her like three times.

The Great Debate: Kataang vs Zutara

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The point I mainly want to make here is that your journeys mirror each other. They just never ever had that make friendship, until the end of the second season; which was over as part as it started.

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Why I ship Zutara: a long-delayed Meta

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I am a major Katara and Aang Kataang fan. The promises of Avatar love to write twists. Overall, it was a general essay, well thought-out and highly balanced.

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In some final, Zuko, Azula, Sokka, and Katara are starting of like a vital foursome. If anything, in the universe, Aang seems totally detached, and all for publication. An essay on why I think Kataang can't work romantically.

Feb. 20th, at PM I thought Zutara was over-dramatic and annoying.

Maiko vs. Zutara essay

In S1 I was a Kataang shipper. I remember clearly why I liked it. The very first episode had some great stuff between Aang and Katara. This little essay lit up my day. Thank you.

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Maiko vs. Zutara essay

Aug 12,  · i own nothing. leave suggestions for more video ideas for me!!! The next most attractive thing about Zutara is the fact that Katara and Zuko are nearly complete opposites.

Katara can still cling to her youth in some aspects, but Zuko had to grow up very quickly. She was a peasant living in the harshest environment on Earth, trying to stay alive, and he is a prince. Tags.

No Archive Warnings Apply; Katara/Zuko (Avatar) Zuko (Avatar) Katara (Avatar) Zutara; Cheating; Seven Deadly Sins; Summary.

A Zutara Shipper’s Lament

The next thing he knows, he's on the ground and the only thing between him and the floor is her, and he wants more. Browse zutara essay pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket.

Zutara essay
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